Taylor GS Mini Koa

Can i use the tonewood gadget on my Taylor GS Mini? If so, how was it? Thanks in advance.

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 GS Mini, scoot the TWA just about level with the end of the guitar.  It will lay flat, but due to the arch on the back, you may notice a gap  of about 1/16" on the outer edges of the suction liners. 

Attaching the TWA a bit south of the actual playing position and  nudging it towards the neck will help to set the cone flat.


Thanks for the response.  I'm still struggling to find the ideal location.  Each spot I try produces a large amount of feedback as the cone does not seem to lay flat.

Would it be possible for you to post a picture of the TWA attached to the back of the guitar?

Thanks in advance,


I'm not sure if I have one, but I'll look and post if I can find one. I've heard of people pushing it the other way on a GS-mini, toward the neck and it's helped feedback. If you set the TWA a bit south of playing position and nudge it into place, this helps the driver lay flat. I'm not sure what pickup system you have on that guitar. If it's equipped with a phase switch, that'll be your best friend when it comes to feedback. Otherwise you may have to go through the notch filters to kill it. https://support.tonewoodamp.com/support/solutions/articles/17000024241-notch-filters-video-

I have a TWA on my GS mini-e Koa. All I had to do was clock it 90* and it's worked perfectly ever since. I love the TWA so much I actually have two. One on my Taylor mini at work and one on my Taylor 224CE-K DLX (another arch back Taylor, same clocking). Good luck.


Thanks for the tip.  Once I get back from my trip I will give it a shot.  Just to make sure I'm clear on what you are suggesting, you mean rotate the TWA 90 degrees so that it's like a vertical rectangle, right?  Is it more to the bottom of the guitar or closer to the center?  (By bottom, I mean where the strap button is).  Any chance you can post a picture?

Thanks again for the advice.


You can find a picture of a customer's guitar with TWA rotated here: https://support.tonewoodamp.com/discussions/topics/17000009606

John: Yes, rotate the TWA clockwise a quarter turn from the regular position. That link Nicholas posted is a picture of my mini. FWIW, I had to do the same thing on my 224CE-K DLX Taylor as well. 

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