Pre-Install Issues (Painters Tape)

I'm very excited to begin using my new TWAmp but am inexplicably stuck at simply trying to get the device to lay flat using painters tape so I can test it out before I attach the X-Brace.  The rubber part that sticks out from the bottom is making it impossible to get it to lay flat.  I've tried a LOT of tape, no go.  This is going on a Rainsong Black Ice (BI-WS1000N2).  It's starting to feel like a waste of time, but I don't want to get too frustrated and skip an important step.


-Rick Barr


Try starting on the side of your guitar and running your tape clear to the other side of the guitar. The pressure from the tape should compress the driver a bit so the unit lays relatively flat. The magnetic pull from the X-Brace is very strong and will keep it down in place after the X-Brace is installed. 

And remember, as long as it's relatively flat, it should be okay!

Thanks much!  Got it figured out, using it now.

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