Kill switch or volume knob....

Hi everybody. I want to order one but I first need to know if there is either a kill switch or a master volume knob that will effectively turn off the sound of the guitar if i have it plugged into an amp. I’m playing a steel string acoustic that has a pick up but does not have a volume knob or eq or anything. I was thinking of getting an eq pedal with a volume control and velcroing it in the back of the guitar. That idea is what led me to videos of the tonewood. I have to change tunings between songs for a very particular audience and have to stay quiet in those moments. Can the tonewood do that even if there is no other volume knob in the guitar? Thanks

If you're running through a PA, you can use ToneWoodAmp as a DI, and there is a DI volume control and a DI mute option that will allow you to kill the signal during your set. 

If you're unplugged, you can turn the effects knob to DSP Bypass to cut the signal from the TWA.

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