Could this be used with output from a desktop interface?

I'm just wondering why the emphasis on idevices, other than the fact that Android is not yet compatible. For instance is there any reason why it is not possible to send the output of FLStudio or similar to the TWA and have it play back loops etc. that way? (I don't have a TWA yet, but I'm desperate to get one!)

The design for the insert loop was originally taylored to the iDevice interface since it was portable and the Tonewood was meant to be portable.

If you don't mind being tehered to a desktop (or laptop) computer, you can uses a 1/8" stereo phone to (2) 1/8" (or 1/4") phone adapter cable and use computer based audio processing applications.

Keep in mind that the "send" level from the Tonewood is very low (mic level) to properly mate with the iOS input.

If you have enough gain in your interface, that should not be a problem.

If you do not get enough send level, a one resistor modification to the Tonewood will give a higher level output.

Oh, cool, thanks. Yes, the portability aspect is important, but for me I've always been resistant to straight electric guitar because the sound isn't coming out of the instrument. That physicality of a resonating body is visceral and that's why this is such a genius invention.

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