Chorus download.....

Hello, I just received my new Tonewood amp in the mail, and have the link to download the chorus effect. Before I go any further, what patch cord will I need to tie it to the computer in order to complete this? Thanks, Ralph

You'll need a micro USB data transfer cable with a connector long enough to fit into the USB port on the TWA underneath the output jack. Shoot us an email at or open a ticket here to get in contact with us and we'll provide you with a link to the update.

Thank you for your quick response. In my haste, I sent the message to you prior to watching all of the prep and instructional videos for the Tonewood. And of course, the USB port and patch cable was explained there. The link for the chorus download had been provided to me prior to any purchase. So once I secure the cable, I should be set. Thank you, Ralph.

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