Chorus download.....

Hello, I just received my new Tonewood amp in the mail, and have the link to download the chorus effect. Before I go any further, what patch cord will I need to tie it to the computer in order to complete this? Thanks, Ralph

You're welcome. Enjoy!

Do you have recommended parameter values for the chorus effect like you do for the others in the manual?


We don't have any recommended settings just yet, but stay tuned, we're working on some materials that will have parameter suggestions. In the mean time, does anybody have any input on what settings they're using for chorus?

Hello everyone,

I am using (for the new chorus effect) the following parameters and it works very well for me.

Chorus (Gain 13, Volume 20)

Rate - 14

Reverb - 18

Depth - 16

Please let me know (Nicholas Quintana) when you come up with other parameters and/or other new effects, so that I can give them a try.

Have a nice new week.  thank you for everything.


M.H.De Z.

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