Alternate Tunings

Considering so many of the players who made this product widely known are Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists that use alternate tunings, I was wondering if TWA have anything on the horizon which looks at Pitch shifting technology? This sort of thing has been possible for years on the electric guitar with products such as the Digitech Drop pedal, Line 6 Variax Guitars, Fishman Tripleplay and many others. However, nobody has successfully transferred this concept over to the acoustic guitar. 

Lets be honest, you guys blew everyone's minds a few years back with your product. Using sophisticated technology to manipulate the natural sound of the acoustic guitar the way that you did was nothing short of magic. Being the eternal optimist here, I believe that this is only the beginning. I would like to know if it's possible that some point in the near future you will be able to alter the pitch of each of the guitars 6 strings to allow for alternate tunings without having to to manually do so. This of course will make life much easier for us fingerstyle guitarists as we tend to break alot of strings playing the music that we love most. 

If this sort of thing is already possible through the use of idevice apps such as Midi Guitar 2 I have not yet seen it demonstrated and would love to know how. I suspect it's still just a pipe dream though. I look forward to your reply and an opportunity to discussing this matter further. 

Here's hoping

Kind Regards, Todd Pischedda

We're working on ways to incorporate many different effects and they will be released periodically. Stay tuned, Todd.

Hmmm...that seems very vague, however I remain excited to see what will develop. Also, I highly appreciated the pun you snuck in at the end. Well played sir. 

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