I know the DI can make your guitar sound like a trumpet or give you some synth cellos following your strums, but, using DI or sample tank (I'm a complete idiot when it comes to these things) can you give your guitar tone.  It looks like there are people who have in their sample tank, the tone of a Brazilian Rosewood Bourgeois Guitar.  Can that be processed through the Tonewood amp?

We have the Xvive MIKE - Spectral Reassignment Pedal, which can make a run of the road fender sound like a taylor jumbo or a Eastman dreadnaught.  And there's another pedal which has the Martin D28 somehow in there, but these are pedals so that makes the sound change as it is sent out of an amp; again, is there something in the DI or sample tank that can give your guitar the tone of Brazilian Rosewood out of your sound hole?

Hey Phil. To integrate MIDI Guitar and SampleTank, you'd run the iDevice adapter from the TWA's insert jack to your iPhone or iPad. 

I've not personally tried using an acoustic guitar patch while using SampleTank, but I'm sure it could be done. 

SampleTank 3 has 87 different acoustic guitar sounds. It doesn't say specifically what they're sampled from. It mentions '4 high-end American-made steel guitars (including one 12-string), 1 Italian classic and 1 vintage Brazilian Bossa Nova guitar' on the IK Multimedia site. 

Otherwise they also offer the American Acoustic sound pack that was sampled using a vintage Martin D28.

The tone through your guitar would be a mix of the sounds from SampleTank and the natural tone of your instrument. So I'm not sure if it would get you all the way to a pristine emulation of the Martin or whatever other sample you're using.

If anybody's tried, please feel free to chime in!

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