Connect TWA to Android phone via "out"

Hello. I use an android-phone and a lavalier microphone to record video on youtube, which I connect to the phone through the adapter into the headphone Jack.. Will it be possible to record video with the connection from the "out" TWA connector to the headphone Jack on the android-phone?

With an adapter that fits, you should be able to use the output jack on ToneWoodAmp for recording purposes just fine. 

Nicholas Quintana, спасибо за ответ. Извините за сомнения, но: Вы пробовали так сделать или это ваше мнение, что так должно работать? TWA не дешёвое устройство и телефон тоже. Не хочется сломать ни то ни другое.

Plenty of folks are using the output jack from their TWA for recording purposes. I've heard of it being run into recording interfaces, etc. 

I've not personally tried recording using TWA and Android, but worst case scenario, you could record your guitar using the lavalier mic.

Perfectly. I am one step away from purchasing this amazing device. Your answer has put a lot of weight to the acquisition of TWA. Thanks.

You're very welcome!

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