Chorus Release Date

I’d like to know when the chorus effect is in the released product - generally I only use chorus, reverb and a touch of delay. Figure I’ll wait for this before I purchase.

Hi Paul. At this point, we don't have plans to ship TWA with Chorus already loaded. Chorus is available via USB update at

The support team would be happy to help you get the update loaded on your unit if you're not the most tech savvy.

A couple questions lol 1. If I call and download chorus, obviously that effect isnt printed on the device, so I'm assuming it would just fit somewhere as you scroll thru effects like plate, reverb, overdrive. Etc, correct? 2a. My unit is 2 years old am I missing anything major in terms of software releases? 2b. When I DO download Chorus, will that download the entire unit, which is to say that along with chorus all other tweaks, etc would be updated as well?

Hello, Jim. The Chorus effect will replace Overdrive as you scroll through the effects. You can find what the latest Firmware/Chorus update includes here. You'll have to update the firmware to the latest version before you update the effects files to include chorus. You can find the udpate here

By the way, Jim, didn't publish your last post because I didn't want to make your phone number viewable to the general public!

Thanks Nick appreciate it. By the way I submitted a tip a long time ago recommending that people gently wipe or dust off the surface where the x-brace will go, in order to ensure that the double-sided tape will stick. I noticed it happened to that another cat, too. I was just wondering if you found any value in that tip or is that occurance so are that it's not substantial enough to warrant inclusionn in the installation instructions? Secondly...I believe i have to admit I cant wait for you to resume the firmware update so I can do that AND the software!!

Hey Jim, the updater is good to go and will provide instruction on updating both the Firmware and Effects files to include Chorus.

We're currently working on an updated version of the user manual to reflect changes in Firmware. I've just edited the X-Brace install section to include a note about wiping potential dust or residue from the surface where the X-Brace will install! Thanks for the suggestion!

We'll make a post when the new version of the manual is out!

Yay! Make sure to spell my name correctly in the manual, and in a day or so I'll tell you where to send the royalty checks ;-)
I dunno where I read it, but I read somewhere in here that you "have suspended the firmware updater" or something like that until some change was made. I dunno. Anyway I'll hook it up and let it load!
So, I haven't purchased the TWA yet, but I absolutely will. But wondering if I understand correctly.... You are saying the chorus effect will NOT be installed on any "new" devices, but will be a "software update" and will overwrite the "overdrive" effect? And so, there is NO WAY I can get the device with ALL the effects you have available? Is there no way around this And or do you have any plans to make it a reality in the future? Is it a "storage space"issue that you cannot improve?

TWA is currently limited to eight effects slots as a storage space matter. We do have plans in the works for future versions of firmware that may offer more flexibility in these regards. Stay tuned!

In order to update firmware and/or add the chorus to the TWA it is recommended here that a USB Micro data cable be used. This webpage shows photos of two types of USB cables, one has a connector that is longer than the other. I have been searching a number of places and I cannot find a USB Micro data cable that has the longer, 8mm, connector. What USB Micro data cable are folks here using that works well with the TWA?

With some micro USB cables, the plastic around the connector is a bit too bulky to allow for the connector to fit adequately into the TWA's USB port, as it's recessed a bit from the casing. Bruce, our engineer, recommends using a pair of nail clippers to trim the corners off of the plastic that may prevent the cable from being properly plugged in if you can't find an 8mm cable!

Thanks for the reply Nicholas. Just to be clear, we're talking about trimming the plastic corners around the port on the TWA?

Not on the TWA, on the end of the USB cable so that it'll fit into the opening around TWA's USB port.

In the meantime...For those who may also be looking for one of these:

After having searched Amazon and then going into a couple of computer stores without any luck, I finally found a USB Micro cable with an 8mm connector on Ebay: 


It cost $7 and change including shipping. 

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