Super Adamas 1587-5

I own one of Ovation's older Adamas guitars, the 1587-5 model, it is a deep bowl I believe, and I was wondering if there was any possible way that I could install a tonewood amplifier on the back, perhaps in an area where the curvature isn't so intense? I'm unsure if anyone has actually done this before with an Ovation, but I know some people who have been able to install it on regular guitars where there is a slight curvature in the backs of their guitars. Thank you for the help!!

If it's equipped with a removable back plate, you may have luck mounting there. Otherwise there's nowhere to mount TWA flat that doesn't impede with playing position on deep bowl Ovations. 

Ah I see, thank you so much for responding! I will have to see if I can't install it on the back plate of mine.

Good luck!

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