Sound of guitar with magnetic brace


I was interested in purchasing one of these and was just wondering if the magnetic brace affects the sound of the guitar when the amp is not plugged in. Like does it affect the sound of the natural acoustic vibrations of the guitar?


Hi Jayden, the magnetic X-Brace does not prohibit the top of the guitar from vibrating whatsoever and will not cause a noticeable difference to the natural tone of your unplugged guitar. 

I am curious about this as well.  Slightly different question though.  If I were to unplug the tonewood amp and instead use my pickup to plug into my acoustic amp, would I notice any difference from the presence of the x-brace? Thanks.

Unless you had a contact pickup installed somewhere along the back of the guitar, you should not notice any difference in your plugged in tone, either.

If the xbrace is up against the wood brace could this cause a slight vibration in sound when turned up.

Hi, I just subscribe to the forum and was looking for some topics that -after 2 hours of test- also interest me. 

Just to make a small background presentation: i'm a classical Guitar Player with a really powerful and good sounding custom double top, back and sides nylon guitar. i first knew about the TonewoodAmp before a couple of days and ordered right the way. i love the clever idea of it, it's compact design,  possibilities with the idevice, etc. 

Regarding this matter i can tell that the toneWoodAmp definitely affect the natural sound of my instrument -it might be different on yours, of course! in my case the magnetic attachment add some nodes to the sound spectrum -almost acting like a low and high pass filter- and making the guitar sound thin and nasal. i can tell that i aborted the idea of using the magnetic brace Attachment inside right the way. Now i'm still looking for alternative solutions to attach the system to the back. I have to make it work because the possibilities are really exciting ;-)

It would be great if this guys could offer different attachment solutions. I'll try to post this on the feature Requests forum.

Best regards from Austria!

Ps: i mentioned that my guitar is double back so after testing i can firmly say that a sandwich solution won't work but an attachment from the outside of the back will do -this won't interfere the vibration of the internal back. BUT, that might be different if you have a single back guitar, i think. i hope it make sense!

I reached out to Pedro via email. He's got a double backed classical guitar and the inner portion of the back must vibrate freely in his guitar!
He's affixed his guitar externally! If you'd like, feel free to expand, Pedro!

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