Chorus Beta Review

I wanted to submit a review of my experience with the Chorus Beta effect and wasn't sure where to submit it, so here it goes. I'm using firmware 2.66ee21 and opted to replace the overdrive effect with the chorus as I personally have no use for the overdrive. As far as the Chorus effect goes, it has a very broad range of sounds one can demand from it. Anything from very subtle to very thick. The Controls are limited, but as with any other of the effects there are three parameters, Depth, Rate, and Reverb. Being able to stack a little reverb is a huge plus, I find that if my depth is too high (20-25) I start to get a very tinny sound, even with an EQ which trims back some of the high frequencies. That being said, this has now become my #1 sound when finger picking. It just adds a wonderful amount of clarity and warmth to my sound, makes it a very intimate experience over all. I would like to see some of that harshness at higher depth-levels removed. But over all, I continue to be impressed by TWAs commitment to bringing a unique and inspiring guitar playing experience even more versatile by introducing the Chorus effect!

Thank you for your feedback!

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