When using live and going to FOH

I plugged the TWA using the output into my amp directly and it sounds fantastic! However, I then fed it through a Fishman Pre/DI (a Fishman Platinum Stage) just to test it and it sounded way overloaded. I'm asking because I was just wondering what people have done to use the device and then convert it to an XLR to the FOH? Do I need to turn the gain way down on the device? Use more of the blend feature? Thanks!

Hi Sean, if you can run a 1/4" cable to the mixer, then TWA itself will function as a DI. Otherwise, you can use the Amplitude knob to drop the DI Level so you're not sending so hot of a signal out to the Fishman DI. 

Once you plug a cable into the output jack, DI level will become the third option on the Amplitude knob, just for reference. 

Oh man that is a great feature! I bought a TWA mostly for the ability to have effects unplugged but I'm finding it works excellently as a Pre/DI. Check this out- it actually sounds cleaner and better when going to my amp than going through the Fishman, I was mostly experimenting to test what it might sound like going to the FOH and then to a PA.  The TWA really buffers the sound very nicely. Yet another reason to enjoy this device!. 

I have another question/ comment though;  I've not been able to find the more geeky specs like input and output impedance on TWAs website. Do you know if it is even available, and if so where?

So glad to learn you're enjoying the DI aspect of your TWA!

Input impedance is about 500k ohms, output about 100 ohms. 

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