Battery voltage

At what battery voltage does the Tonewood Amp cease to operate? Do you get a warning?


Low battery threshold is 3.6 volts. Around there you'll begin to recieve low battery warnings and you may experience intermittent power while playing.

At 3.6  I was playing but, it didn't give me any warning and did shut off the TWA.
Actually , the batteries are still quite charged. But I guess not enough to keep the TWA on.
I hope this is normal, and not something defective with my TWA?

3.6v is the low power threshold. At and below that point, you'll experience intermittent power with most batteries. They'll still be good in other, lower drain devices, but TWA has a variable drain that changes with your playing and can pull too much from the batteries at that point. 

With rechargeable batteries like Tenavolts or Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2550, you'll get 8 hours playing time and be able to play blow that 3.6v level.

Thanks, Nicholas!
I am looking into buying rechargeable NI-MH 3000 Mha, it looks like they do hold the charge much longer without such a drop.

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