K&k pure mini

Will the tonewood amp work with k&k pure mini pickup?

ToneWoodAmp works fantastic with Pure Mini!

I'm getting a concert guitar made and want the k & k mini as it's so small and non - intrusive. As it's just an input with the sound coming out flat does it still work well going straight to TWA? Or do you go thru an external preamp then to TWA?

No need for external preamp, the K&K is fairly hot without! You can set the Master Gain on TWA to suit the output from the Pure Mini, usually that means dropping the gain.

Sweet! Love how the k & k is so small with no battery. Thanks

It's a fantastic pickup. You're welcome!

Hi all,

I’m a new Tonewood Amp customer. I had a K&K Pure Mini pickup installed in my Seagull Dreadnought (Maritime SWS) for the sole purpose of using a TWAmp. :-) 

is this pickup known to run very (very!) hot? I had to turn down the master gain all the way down to 5% - anything higher, and I get teeth shattering feedback...

As I don’t have any other amp, I cannot test this.

I’d be interested in hearing other people’s experience....



Hi Robert! The Pure Mini is known to be a rather hot pickup. We've been able to boost the Master Gain up to 15% or so through use of the notch filters to kill feedback. Here's a video on the notch filters:

There are instructions on how to search through the frequencies to find the problematic ones in the video, but what we've found is quickest is to use a tuner that displays the frequency of the note it's reading. This will allow you to easily pinpoint the frequencies you'll need to cut.

Fine Tuner works great for iOS and gStrings is fantastic for Android.

Glad I saw this thread I have a 000-18 GE with the K&K Pure Western Mini that this will go into as soon as it arrives! Tomorrow hopefully! The notch filters vid was very helpful! Thanks!

You're welcome! If you have any questions, please reach out at

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you very much for the information! This really helped, though it was not easy to do on my guitars.

On my Seagull dreadnought with the K&K Pure Mini, I ended up cutting at 528Hz using only the "by ear" method with the Tonwewood. I'm able to set a master gain of 15%. 

My other guitar, a Godin Rialto with a factory-installed Quantum Q1T, it was much harder to fix. It turns out that I needed to cut 2 different frequencies (notch 1 and notch 2), setting 1 at 238Hz and 2 at 1178Hz. I believe it's a case of a partial harmonic wave, as the feedback at 238Hz seemed to trigger on at 1178Hz one in an ear-deafening way.  Just eliminating the 238Hz was not sufficient as the 1178hz feedback would also happen on it's own. I ended up having to use the Fine Tuner app on my iPhone, as doing it by hear did not allow me to isolate the specific frequency. It actually took me a couple of hours to get a clean sound on my Rialto. While I was able to get a 20% master gain, I toned it down to 15% as otherwise the sound was much too wet. And even at 15%, I find myself often reducing the effect preset gain value to get a better balance. 

I appreciate the advice!


Hi all! I am wondering if I can use my LR Baggs GigPro with the Tonewood Amp, or will that cause a problem? (I am only talking about running it through my Trace Acoustic, not unplugged). Any advice would be helpful - thanks!

Would the signal chain go TWA>GigPro>Trace? I don't see any reason it wouldn't work!

Well, O got it I installed it O naturally have feed back. I have mostly eliminated it using both notch 1&2 but there is an underlying tone that sounds like the feed back, like a harmonic but louder that you would get behind a bridge on an electric. I assume I need to revisit the frequency I have the notches set to.

I would agree, revisit the notch filters and use either the Fine Tuner app for iOS or gStrings for Android to pinpoint the trouble frequencies.

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