K&k pure mini

Will the tonewood amp work with k&k pure mini pickup?

Well, I eliminated them cutoffs were good had master gain up to 40 still had some sounds I backed the master gain down to 20 better and individual gains and volumes down and it was better. I need to experiment more with master gain and other settings. I noticed no chorus effect but the OD is there and I really don't like it. And the one that says delay seems to click more than delay. I need to experiment with its settings gain and volume and see what happens. I saw my version on startup and thought it was the most current do you still need to update for the chorus? Apparently. Still, a lot to learn to really get all the goodness out of this machine.

The K&K is rather hot. Most folks have luck with the Master Gain around 15% or so. This gives you room to boost each effects individual gain and volume using the amplitude knob.

To update the TWA to chorus,  run the USB update found at

If you have any questions about running the update, let me know!

Thanks Nicholas! I'm down to 15 for master gain and it made a significant difference. I am surprised how hot the K&K pups really are. I still need to learn how to tweak these presets I can get Plate to sound pretty good but the first two need some work and that's on me to figure out the best setting for my instrument and my ear. The 000-18GE'37 burst is such an incredible sounding instrument I'm trying to keep things subtle but there because I do not want to mess with the natural goodness of the guitar. I will get to the update part for the chorus tomorrow, thanks! So far I like it and every time I get it tweaked a bit better I like it more. I have noticed the harder I play the better it sounds which makes me think I should up that effect sensitivity or gain whatever it is on that give effect. Getting there!

One other item, I have Peterson’s iStrobo tuner. You can get into settings and switch the display from CSMs to Hz. That is what I used. FYI if you already have that app, no need to download another.

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