Tone generator

When putting on the TWA having a self generating tone would help with positioning of the unit.  Connected my pickup to another guitar, and extended the cord as far as possible to the TWA attached to my guitar.  I was able to find the sweet spot in this manner, but it was a pain.

Thanks for the idea, William! Was it easier to keep the pickup on another instrument rather than in the guitar you were finding the sweet spot for?

Yes. much easier for discerning the best resonating spot on the guitar with the TWA installed.  When struming and trying to discern the best spot on the same guitar I was able to get a "good" spot.  When I did the second guitar plucking with the second guitar witht the pick installed behind a door, I was able to find a "better" spot which was a 1-2" off center line.

Ah, okay! Thanks for explaining! 

And to others, please spend some time with the dry fit process to find the best sounding spot for your TWA as William has! Placement can potentially make a huge difference in tone!

I just found a work around for a getting the "sweet spot" when placing the TWA. Dial to delay and set the feedback to 25, strum a chord/pluck a note and you'll be able to move the TWA around until you find the sweet spot. 

I've never tried this but thanks for the tip! 

cool idea from ray . i found the sweet spot in a slightly different way. i recorded a loop of my pickup output onto the iphone(into garageband). i let the loop play thru the iphone-->TWA & then kept moving the TWA around until i found its sweet spot. 

After buying the cable, I just play a constant A note and move it around to find the sweet spot now.  3d printing extra x-brackets has made life easier when using multiple guitars.

Unfortunately, because I have a Taylor (815c), the bow on the back of the guitar makes finding a "level" spot for the TWA to sit a bit difficult.  I've been toying with the idea of using shims so I can get the TWA to a sweeter spot and still have the tone cone sitting flat.

With the Taylor instruments, you'll have to adjust the install guidelines to find a spot where TWA will sit as flat as possible as a result of the arched back.

We've had the best luck mounting TWA just about flush with the edge of the guitar toward the endpin.

Yeah, I've found that my "sweet spot" on my 815C is overhanging my TWA about 1/8" to 1/4" from the bottom.  The cone sits flat against the back of the guitar and there's no issue with tone or feedback.  

Has anyone installed  TWA  on a  Martin D-35 ?  Just purchase one (new).  any suggestions or comments.  i.e.  sweet spot



 William could you share your 3d design?

It was on a few websites as "tonewood x brace" seems to gone at the moment.  2 years ago is when I printed them.

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