Tone generator

When putting on the TWA having a self generating tone would help with positioning of the unit.  Connected my pickup to another guitar, and extended the cord as far as possible to the TWA attached to my guitar.  I was able to find the sweet spot in this manner, but it was a pain.

Thanks for the idea, William! Was it easier to keep the pickup on another instrument rather than in the guitar you were finding the sweet spot for?

Yes. much easier for discerning the best resonating spot on the guitar with the TWA installed.  When struming and trying to discern the best spot on the same guitar I was able to get a "good" spot.  When I did the second guitar plucking with the second guitar witht the pick installed behind a door, I was able to find a "better" spot which was a 1-2" off center line.

Ah, okay! Thanks for explaining! 

And to others, please spend some time with the dry fit process to find the best sounding spot for your TWA as William has! Placement can potentially make a huge difference in tone!

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