External Power

I bought the iDevice cable and associated programs.  I put in fresh batteries into my Tonewood Amp, after about 7 straight hours of playing with the midi interface, I was forced to replace the batteries.  After another 3 hours I can see that the batteries are going to need to be replaced soon.  Due to the addictiveness of this device along with the midi interface I think you need to add this feature ASAP! =).  

I'm going to use one of these and try to run from pedal board using extension cable (both from Amazon).

Power - Lenink Power Supply Cable for AA Battery,Replace AA Battery 

Extension Cable to power or pedal board. - 2-Pack 10ft DC Extension Cord 5.5mm x 2.1mm, Universal DC 12V Power Extension Cable for Security Camera, LED Strip, CCTV IP Surveillance, 9V 24V 12 Volt Male to Female Plug Supply Adapter

We've not ever tried something like this. Let us know how it works for you!

It works fine. Cable isn’t road worthy and will need to be ruggedized. Added an extension for attaching to a guitar cable for power.

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