Sampletank and Midi Guitar 2 aren't working correctly with iOS 12. Don't waste your money at the moment.

I bought these apps and tried them out and pretty much became a a bug shooter for these two companies.   What's an alternative?


Nov 8, 2018, 1:52 PM 

Hi William,

We noticed this yesterday, we are working on a solution. Fresh installs on IOS12 wont work currently.



Jam Origin


Fri, Nov 9 2018 2:54pm


Thanks for your email.

Unfortunately we were able to recreate this issue as well.

We have already reported this to our development team for further review. We will see if this is something that can be quickly be fixed on our end, or if it's an issue with can check with Apple to see if it's on iOS 12 related issue. 

We've also found that if you assign those parameters via MIDI, you can have full control. This is just a workaround for now, while our development team works towards a solution.

We do apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding while we resolve this issue.


Sebastian Chaviano

Technical Support

IK Multimedia. Musicians First.


Hey, William, we're aware of the issue and have been in contact with Jam Origin. 

For others, if you already have MIDI Guitar downloaded to your device, you will be able to update to iOS 12 with full app functionality. 

Please  do not delete the app before you update to iOS 12. You will not be able  to reinstall until after Jam Origin relaunches the updated version of  MIDI Guitar. 

This issue is affecting MIDI Guitar 2 and not SampleTank.

The following information was provided by Jam Origin:

What is going on?

MIDI Guitar for IOS is temporary out of the store, because the fresh install is not compatible with IOS12.

Jamorigin is working hard to bring an update.

What If you want to buy a new ipad/iphone for use with your existing MIDI Guitar purchase?

´IOS 12 is not supported yet for fresh installs of MIDI Guitar. Please wait a few weeks.

What If you want to update an existing IOS device with MIDI Guitar on it  to IOS12?

This should be no problem.

Can I (re)install a previously purchased MIDI Guitar  on devices that havent IOS12 on it?

Yes, if you have purchased our app and have an IOS device with IOS below version 12, you can redownload 

the purchased app and use it.

Please look at

How long will it take for MIDI Guitar to be sold again and compatible with IOS12?

Jamorigin is working hard on it. The updated version is planned to be available in the beginning of december.

Too bad you can't get IK Multimedia (SampleTank) to give you a straight answer. 

They're working on a fix as well, no ETA that I can find, however. 

What are some good, working alternatives?

I believe that there may be one other pitch to MIDI app in the app store, but we've not tested it with TWA and aren't sure how well it works.

2 months ago working on it....and still not fixed. Sad

We certainly understand the frustration, not sure what the delay is. Guiboard on the App Store will work for the time being.

I understand these things take time, and Apple keeps locking things down more and more. Great for security, not so great for people who want to have fun with their devices sometimes. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but can't get it working with SampleTank and Guiboard. Seems like it's responding in the apps but no sound comes back through? I'm new to this so it may be me (:  I made sure Guiboard has access to the mic. I followed the instructions on the site here using midi guitar 2. Something else I need to do with Guiboard? I'll keep trying...thanks again for the help. 

Once you have your instrument selected in Sampletank, hit the icon that  looks like a volume knob (usually to the right or the instrument name)  and you can adjust the volume and other EQ from there. Also, make sure  that the volume in your iPhone or iPad is all the way up. If that doesn't help, please reach out at

Ever get the feeling that Jam Origin isn’t going to update the software? 90 days off the site and they won’t have to issue refunds.

I've got no word thus far. Have you been using Guiboard?

The word "soon" is a very relative term. :)

It's back in the App Store!

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