Percussive guitar.

Hoping for some advise to aid my very limited know how. So I have a Dean acoustic/electric. I’m not sure what kind of pick up is built in. All I know is that it seems to be made to pick up steel string vibrations but not wood body vibrations when I play a little percussive guitar. So when using Tonewood Amp, to make percussive beats come through I turn up volume/gain/ and decay or whatever It helps but the sounds of the strings also go up in volume obviously and makes everything sound messy. Is there anything or accessories out there I can use to aid with this without replacing the active pick up already built in? I’ve thought about a clip on mic however I want to play just the guitar using the tonewood Amp and no other sound source. I don’t want to plug into an Amp or speaker of any kind. Just looking for a solution on how to make percussive beats pick up better through the sound hole just using the Tone Wood Amp.

Hey there! It's likely that your Dean has an undersaddle piezo style pickup. Piezos pick up the pressure from the strings on the saddle, rather than the vibrations of the entire body.

In order to hear your percussive playing more clearly using TWA, you'll need a contact pickup like the K&K Pure Mini that will pick up vibrations from the body of the guitar.

Some percussive players use mic or mic blend systems, but mic only systems will not work with ToneWoodAmp.

Forgive my lack of knowledge on this subject. So if I were to purchase the K&K Pure mini, does that mean I’d have to remove the pick up that’s in my guitar currently or is there a way to make the two coinside using the one plug in? Fishman has a pickup with a mic blend. The Fishman presys blend or something like that I was also looking at .

For sake of avoiding feedback, I'd suggest a contact pickup as opposed to a mic blend system.

I'd reach out to your local luthier for wiring options. I'm sure you could have them wired to separate output jacks or potentially the same output jack.

Otherwise, you may be able to simply leave the undersaddle piezo in place, keep it disconnected and run the K&K to a single output jack where it already exists.

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