Different Attachment solution for Classical nylon Guitar

In my experience the sandwich with the magnetic brace acts as a damper making the acoustic sound of my guitar thin and nasal. I'm thinking about alternative attachment solutions but i couldn't find any better for now. I'd be please if someone would help about this matter.

I think that, in my particular case -double back classical guitar, a detachable Surface speaker with a suction cup could be a way to go.

Thanks and regards from Austria!

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Let me know if you come up with anything

In Pedro's situation, he has a double backed instrument and the X-Brace was dampening the inner back's ability to vibrate freely. Most guitar's will not have a double back. He did come up with a clever mounting method using external magnets, however.

It may not be the most finish friendly, but Industrial Strength velcro will work for mounting without the X-Brace. 

I'm also interested in alternative attachment methods. I have a number of high end custom steel string guitars designed to have very active (single) backs, e.g. Kostals, Sands and a Wingert. I'm finding that the TWA X brace does significantly adversely affect the acoustic tone of these guitars and so am interested in alternative/temporary mounting solutions such that I can use the TWA on them but - when not using them - can play the guitars without the X brace. So far the only solution for that is using blue painters tape - but that doesn't seem to be a very elegant solution for various reasons, including the time involved, having to remove all the tape every time the guitar is put back in its case, the tape not being that secure, etc. Are there any other options/ideas?

Please can you let us know a bit more about using external magnets, suction cups and velcro? I've tried attaching the X-brace with velro, but found the weight of the X-brace meant it detached (pulling the velcro with it where it attached to the guitar using it's self adhesive backing). If you've any tips of n veclro bands/how much velcro to use, etc, please let me know?

Many thanks.




The idea is really basic:  just a piece of thin Static protection film, some magnets and two pieces of thin metal. It fixes the TWA really well and the sound it's good, i just have to improve how it looks. However i still think that the weight of the  TWA on the back of some guitar may introduce some nodes to its vibration capabilities, that's why i'd like to experiment with a detachable surface speaker to reduce this matter (that will of course involve some deeper modifications and new mounting challenges). Best regards!

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