Different Attachment solution for Classical nylon Guitar

In my experience the sandwich with the magnetic brace acts as a damper making the acoustic sound of my guitar thin and nasal. I'm thinking about alternative attachment solutions but i couldn't find any better for now. I'd be please if someone would help about this matter.

I think that, in my particular case -double back classical guitar, a detachable Surface speaker with a suction cup could be a way to go.

Thanks and regards from Austria!

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Thanks Pedro - much appreciated!

I hadn't been planning to remove the metal bars from the TWA (as I'd prefer not to permanently modify it) - just put the magnets on. But that might not work as the additional 3mm depth of the magnets may mean there's not enough pressure / too much distance for the rubber vibratey bit (to use the technical term!). But we'll see!

I'll let everyone know how it works out. If you've any recommendations for protective buffer material that won't react with a nitro finish, please do let me know. I was planning to use some self-adhesive felt I have lying around, but there may be better options. 

Fingers crossed - I really hope this works as I'm dying to use my TWA every time I play but since at the moment the blue tape attachment is the only one practically viable for me, it's not getting nearly the use it deserves!



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