is the XBRACE necessary, OR...

 Is the X-Brace there just to hold the magnets while setting up the unit... or does it have some function in the way that the Tonewood amp to the instrument.

I was thinking of getting some adhesive magnetic disks and using those on my other guitars... 

Once the unit is taped to the guitar, it is easy enough to find the position to place each magnet.   (remembering the correct pole (North / South) position.

If you've had any experience trying this, please let me know...

Thank you !

The magnets used in the X-Brace are very strong. The brace is necessary to keep proper spacing. Without the brace, they'd pull together over time and they're incredibly difficult to separate when they've pulled together. 

I'm not familiar with any other mounting methods using magnets.

My question is similar. Do I need the x-brace magnet to be attached? I don’t understand in the previous answer when it says “they’d pull together over time”. I am playing just at home with very little movement. I would like to switch easily between my acoustic and my classical guitar.

The first question was about using the magnets in the X-Brace without the brace itself. In that situation the magnets would pull together.

If you'd like to use TWA between two guitars, I'd recommend using one X-Brace for each guitar. Then TWA can attach and detach to either magnetically.

I was the one that posted this question, and being the tinkerer that I am... went and bought some extra strong magnets from Amazon anyway...

I found that they just were not even strong enough to have the desired pull to hold the unit to the guitar.

the brace does seem to win out due to the installation, etc.   The extra brace is about $30... a little overpriced (hope that you read this Tonewood)... but probably is the way to go.

- J

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