I didn't realize that the ToneWood Amp was going to drain so fast.  Perhaps a recharable battery kit is the solution.  A kit that charges at least nine batteries.  What do you think?


Hey, Zande. TWA requires the use of high quality, high drain batteries for best performance and battery life. With Duracell or Energizer you should get about 6-7 hours playing time. Our favorite battery is the rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2550mAh. We're getting about 8 hours playing time per set per charge.

It may be something we offer in the future. Thanks!

I've been using Eneloops with different devices for years now (including the TWA). For me they're the best rechargeables I've ever used (AA + AAA). I also use the intelligent battery chargers from the same company (one from Sanyo and one from Panasonic as I need 2 at Xmas for my Xmas tree lights). Each battery is analysed separately during charging. The unit from Panasonic is the BQ-CC55. I can recommend the Eneloops with the TWA. Also, I've had no problems with them being slightly too large for the TWA as several users have complained about when using rechargeables from other manufacturers. They slide in and out of mine just like normal batteries. Hope this helps.


I agree with Nicholas & Tony, I am using the same Batteries with the BQ-CC55 Charger, highly recommended.

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