Use along with BOSS AD-10?

The Boss AD-10 has 2 inputs. You could theoretically plug an additional guitar in, but I would be more likely to install a pickup in the sound hole or use a mic to get an additional voicing. My question is this. Seeing as how the Boss AD-10 has 3 inputs, could I use the output of Tonewood into the second input of the AD-10? If i could, I'm going to buy a Tonewood today. My thinking is that I could sculpt an amazing sound using the attributes of the Tonewood and the AD-10 & then pass what I come up with out of the AD-10 up to the house board at Church. Our sanctuary is that perfect mix of "big yet small" - if I could have a touch of sound coming naturally from the stage amplified by the Tonewood & simultaneously pass some blended Tonewood goodies into the AD-10, couple all that with what I have put together with the channel 1 input on the AD-10 - then send that full bag of goodies through the XLR to the FOH, I could set the electric down far more often and add some real tastiness with the Acoustic. Let me know if this is just a pipe dream. Thanks! 

TWA will work in a signal chain with other pedals like the AD-10! You can certainly run the output of TWA to the input of your Boss unit.

If you do install a mic pickup, make sure that's running to something other than TWA, as TWA and a mic pickup system will create a feedback loop!

However, when running a cable out of TWA, you can set TWA to TWA or DI, where the driver on the guitar's body is muted, but the a blendable signal continues to run through the output.

You can also run pedals before or after TWA, just a heads up!

Answer I meant to say "seeing as how the AD-10 has 2 inputs. My bad. After thinking about it, the output Jack on my Acoustic would go into the Tonewood. Then it appears that the Tonewood would then allow me to come out of it and into 1 of the 2 available inputs on the AD-10. That would still leave 1 available input on the AD-10. Am I understanding right? It sounds like what your cautioning me on is to not choose a pickup for the sound hole that actually has a microphone that extends down into the guitar (life the Fishman). Am I understanding that correctly? Or are you suggesting that I not put a pickup in the sound hole at all?

Yes, you're understanding the input signal path correctly! Guitar>TWA>AD-10.

And yes, pickup systems that run on a condenser mic internally will result in uncontrollable feedback.

Soundhole pickups are okay, just not mic only system. Mic blend systems will work as well.

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like a really amazing tone could be crafted.

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