Tonewood on steel resonator

Will a Tonewood work on a steel bodied resonator guitar?  

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Yes! You'll have to remove the cone to install the X-Brace, but it will work.

My resonator has a bell brass body.Will the Tonewood amp work as well on a brass body as on a wood body,if not how will it be different?In the video Jerry Douglass is playing a wood bodied dobro,not a metal body.

Yes it works just as well on a metal body resonator as on a wood bodied instrument.

Thanks,I guess I'll have to try one!

Send us a video when you do.  We love hearing about interesting ways to use the ToneWoodAmp.

Can you explain the setup of electronics on JD's demo? Pickup, pre-amp? Thx.

It looks to me like his signature Beard Guitars Blackbeard resonator with a Hipshot bridge. The Blackbeard comes stock with a Fishman Nashville pickup system. According to his site he runs a Fishman JD Aura pedal and a Grace Felix preamp. Not exactly sure if there's a built in preamp in the guitar or if he was using either of those pedals out front of the TWA, but I'll see if I can find out!

I think he regularly uses a Fishman Nashville spider pickup through a DI into a JD Aura. But that wouldn't work for my Pogreba - also quite expensive. I have a biscuit bridge steel Dobro that could use the Fishman. I need to find out the most cost effective pu to use with the TWA. Maybe K&K? The problem is that many work with a mic, so it would have to be one where the mic can be turned down. IS there a preferred setup for the TWA as resonators don't have a soundhole. Do piezo magnetic pus work?

We REALLY like using K&K pickups with the ToneWoodAmp. The Pure Resonator BB is a fantastic option. Piezo and magnetic pickups will both work well with TWA. The Fishman system should work great as well. You can use the a combo of the Master Gain, effect gain, and volume on the TWA to boost the volume of a passive pickup if you run the Fishman without a preamp. As you'd mentioned, anything with a mic will require a secondary source and a volume/blend control to dial out most of the signal from the mic. 

Ah, forgot to mention surface mount magnetic humbuckers. We have a dual f-hole guitar with no built in pickup here at TWA HQ that we've installed a Lace Ultra Slim Acoustic Sensor on. It works great with TWA! 

Thanks Nicholas! Yes, I had looked at all the options and may try different ones on my two resonators. Lace has a Dobro Neck Sensor pu as well. I'm wondering how it differs from the slim humbucker. I'm waiting for a friend who just ordered his TWA to test it out.

Did a bit of hunting, the Dobro Neck Sensor seems to be brighter and twangier to my ears. Either should work great.

Here's a demo video I found comparing the two. I don't speak Portuguese, but the person who created the video did a good job of differentiating and labeling when he's swapping between the two.

Thanks. This was a good comparison. They are pretty comparable, but I think the Neck Sensor sounds a lilttle bit more like a Dobro resonator. I assume the difference is a bit about the double vs single coil pickup, which can affect buzz/noise. I didn't notice any difference. I don't suppose feedback is a problem with the TWA for these.  Thanks.
Have you found any preferences for piezo vs. magnetic pickups for performance with the TWA? 

Performance-wise, a good piezo and a good magnetic pickup will both work wonderfully with ToneWoodAmp. A lot of it comes down to your playing style and whether you prefer the discrete look of an undersaddle pickup or magnetic pickup that requires less modification to your instrument. 

For percussive guitar playing, a piezo or contact piezo is ideal. A magnetic pickup won't pick up the vibrations in the body and taps will be silent through the TWA.

Magnetic pickups are less sensitive to feedback and do give you the option to run them a bit hotter.

I use both, personally. I've got one of my builds equipped with a Fishman Matrix Infinity undersaddle system and it works fantastic. I've got a couple other less expensive, campfire beaters that I equip with a magnetic pickup. 

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