Chorus effect replacing Overdrive in newest update

I have just ordered my TWA so I don't have it to experiment with, but I am curious about the chorus effect being an optional update with the newest firmware update.  Once I get my TWA I will of course experiment with it just as it comes, but if I decide to update to the newest firmware and select the optional chorus effect update, will I ever be able to get the Overdrive effect back?  What if I don't like the chorus effect?  Will a future update possible include both the chorus and the overdrive?

Thanks in advance -- I'm very impressed with what I've seen of this device and am very much looking forward to having it in my hands to work with!

Hello, using the updater found at , you can revert back to Overdrive if you ever decide you'd like to.

We are looking into expanding the possibilities with choosing effects for future updates. Nothing just yet!

Thank you!  I've downloaded that updater software so now I just have to wait for the unit to arrive!

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