Using the X brace occasionally

I bought the Tonewood Amp for my brother for his Christmas and Birthday present.  Here's the question: I seem to remember reading that someone never used the sticky tape to install the X brace with the TA.  Rather, he would simply place the X brace in one and use that to hold the TA in place and then remove all of it when he was ready to switch guitars. Is that possible?

My brother has a Taylor and a Washburn.  I'm a little hesitant about suggesting he permanently put an X brace in his Taylor.  I have a Martin and feel pretty much the same way. I also bought him an extra X brace but I still would feel better if he left one X brace in a Washburn while he only use the X brace occasionally in his Taylor. 

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For best performance and for the safety of your guitar and TWA, we certainly recommend installing the X-Brace in any guitar you plan on using TWA with. 

TWA may be prone to vibration, feedback, and shifting side to side or falling off.

The X-Brace install is guitar-safe and can be removed should you ever decide to, use a plastic card to saw through the foam adhesive and scrape the residue off afterward with a fingernail or guitar pick. This will avoid putting any unnecessary stress on the instrument. 

Was the Washburn a festival series ? Did the X brace fit ?

The brace shouldn't have any issue going inside a Washburn festival series.

It was a W-280, way back in the seventies.

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