Moving X-Brace

After asking for a TWA for 3 years, I got one for Christmas. In my excitement, I installed it before watching the videos and understanding placement. I realized that where I had it placed was giving me a sound I didn't like, so I reached in and removed the X-Brace intending to move it. However, the double-stick-mounting tape appears to be one-time-use only, meaning I'm left with an X-Brace that now has no stickiness left for mounting.

Has anyone successfully moved the X-Brace once installed? Has anyone successfully used store-bought double-stick tape to mount the X-Brace? Is my only real option now to pay $30 for another X-Brace (when they come back in stock?

Hey, David, your TWA box should have one additional set of X-Brace adhesive pads inside.

If you ever need extras, please send us an email at and we'll take care of you!

i used car number plate mounting pads, cut to size. clean the magnets theroughly with a non magnetic scraper.before applying.attach the amp and leave for a while, to settle into place. 

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