Buzzing at most settings

I am trying to set up my TWA on a Carvin Cobalt 750. The back is flat and the mount seems flush. I have EQ level, Volume at 50% and the TWA about 1.75" from the edge of the guitar. Starts out ok, but after I play for awhile i start to get a lot of buzzing. Both chords and notes.I have tried reducing gain and fiddling with the effects based on your vids but haven't found a solution. Only been trying for a day or so but any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Is the X-Brace installed or are you still in the dry fit process? It may be worth adjusting the Notch knob and the frequency slider on your preamp to find a less noisy EQ setting with TWA if you are installed and TWA's driver is seated flat. If you continue to have trouble, please email at

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