Is there a working alternative to Midi Guitar App for IOS?

I'm still on IOS 11 but cannot download the midi guitar app. Pulled from store due to lack of IOS12 compatibility. Just got my TWA for xmas and the cable, but can't use with iDevice.

I was wondering why I could`nt find Midi Guitar on the IOS store ! Is there an alternative ? I still have Midi Guitar 2 on my Ipad with IOS ver. 12.1 and it still works.What would I do if it stopped working ? Another question I have is my my Ipad is saying there is an IOS update to version 12.1.1. Should I avoid the update, (will it cause my Midi Guitar to stop working?).

Hopefully MIDI Guitar 2 is back up soon. They'd estimated early December, but it's not done yet. Hopefully its back up soon, though!

As an alternative, you can check out Guiboard.

Nicholas thanks for the tip on Guiboard. Will give it a try.

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