Can the TWA help open up a guitar?

Hey to all my new TWA brothers and sisters! I've had my TWA for a couple of weeks now. Fortunately its been pretty much on two long holiday weekends in the US so I've had alot of time with this amazing lil box. I did the update and added chorus (YA!). Would rather have that than overdrive! I've got it set up on my 2005 J45 Custom which I bought last year off of the internet. I know, it's risky but damn this thing is pretty! It has absolutely no wear. Brand new shape. Anyway, this guitar has never really spoken to me. Playability is great but just doesn't grab my gut when I play it. Though the bar is set pretty high with a 1988 HD28 and a 1999 Collings D3, The J45 is the last piece of my guitar collection I wanted so I got it. I was going to sell this guitar until I thought I would try a TWA on it to enhance what I was hearing. Wait for it.... WOW! Now I can't put this guitar down. So my question is, after using this for two weeks, can the TWA help open up a guitar with all the vibration? There's a gadget on the market, can't remember the name that will vibrate your guitar when you're not playing it. It's supposed to open up a guitar quicker but I noticed today when I turned it off and played it without the TWA it sounded alot better. 

  Your thoughts?



Ah, the ToneRite. We've not specifically tested TWA for that purpose, but it certainly makes sense that it could help! To me, it makes sense that it would open up the back of the instrument a lot quicker while the top is opened by the bridge. 

Glad you're noticing a positive difference!!

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