I'll be purchasing the TONEWOODAMP but I'll wait under a CHORUS is added.  Any idea when this feature will be included?

Hello! Chorus is currently available as an optional update at

I hope someone can make a video on how to download the Chorus effect on the TWA! I really love this product and am still learning everything about it, settings, effects, presets etc and am looking forward to mastering it. Got this for Christmas and it is one of the best presents I ever "got" brought for myself lol! Just not to savy with downloads and files but I do have a Windows PC. Thanks for making this amazing product 

Hey Arthur! Please send an email at and I'd be happy to set up a TeamViewer session to remotely help you get Chorus updated.

I wish that you folks could make it possible to replace AutoWah with the new Chorus patch, instead of Distortion... I find AutoWah the least musical sounding patch and pretty much useless; I never use it.

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