Help me decide between these two pickups!

Hello folks,

I am having a hard time deciding between the active L.R Baggs Element with volume and tone control or the passive K&K Pure Mini. In Canada they're $40.00 in the difference and both have a $75.00 install fee.

Here are some links: L.R Baggs - K&K.

The pickup is going into a solid mahogany Seagull dreadnought guitar which has an expected mellow tone.

The biggest issue for me in choosing between the two pick ups is whether or not I would want the tone control on the L.R Baggs pickup. The TWA has a preamp, so having a passive pickup in the K&K is fine. I don't play live and the only other thing worth considering is that I may end up with an amp and a loop pedal in the future.

Thanks for any and all advice!


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