Lefthand TWA used on a right hand guitar


Ive bought a second hand TWA that is for left handed guitars.  As far as I can tell its exactly the same as a right hand one except the screen is on the other way up! Does anybody know if this is the case? 

Also should this pose any issues used on a right hand guitar, other than not being able to see the screen?  And any thoughts on how to get around the not seeing the screen issue?  I did think about putting it on upside down, so I could see the screen, and using a longer lead to enable this, yet I assume that this would have to be done with experimentation of placement of the unit to ensure it still works effectively.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Please send us an email at support@tonewoodamp.com and we'd be happy to give you a call and walk you through the process of converting your lefty TWA to a righty!

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