Tonewood on a Godin Inuk

Just my observations on installing a Tonewood Amp on a Godin Inuk.  For those unfamiliar with instrument, it is essentially Godin's take on an oud, strung and tuned like a 12-string guitar.

The body cavity is just big enough for the x-brace to fit, although it did require shaving a non-structural back brace a bit to get the last leg in.  Unfortunately, the back of the body on these instruments, while perfectly flat, seem to be so thick that the magnetic field only weakly passes through it. With both suction pads uncovered, and very firm placement, I'm able to get the TWA to stick, but it's the bond is pretty tenuous, and it's easily dislodged.  It does sound great, however.  The pickup on the Inuk is REALLY hot and prone to feedback, so I've got to fiddle with the notch filters a bit when I have more time.

So, I suppose you could look at it as either a qualified success or a marginal failure. I was really surprised that the magnets couldn't latch better through the back of this unit.

Do you have any video??

It does sound like it may be a matter of a thicker back. The only method we've found for mounting TWA without the X-Brace, and it may not be finish friendly, but Industrial Strength Velcro can be used for external mounting. 

Were you looking for a video of the TWA in use on the Inuk, or of how the installation was done?

Of TWA in use on the Inuk. I would be curious to see how install was done as well, however!

Ok, let's start with the install.  This is the Godin Inuk itself (technically, it's a "Godin Multiac Inuk Encore Steel"). The instrument is designed based on the Oud, but is set up with 11 steel strings (all but the lowest are tuned as courses). It's tuned like a standard 12 string guitar, but is very short scale, with a cedar top.

The back has a wooden plate for access to the electronics.

In order to fit the body is pretty shallow, and access is blocked by a back brace, so I had to carve the brace a bit in order to get the last leg of the X-brace in.

The back of this instrument is pretty thick, so you need both suction pads exposed. Even then, if you accidentally nudge the TWA, you'll get a nasty vibration from the cone, but other than that it sounds great.

Here it is in action. The tune is my arrangement for Star of the County Down, using the plate reverb setting on the Tonewood.  No other amplification or processing, recorded straight through a Zoom H4N Pro.

This is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your install method and a demonstration video. Absolutely loving it.

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