Octave feature?

Ever considered an Octave effect? I'd gladly give up the autowah effect for something like that ;)

The option to trade chorus for the overdrive was really smart, as the latter is probably pretty underutilized by acoustic players. I suspect similar with the autowah.

Cheers guys !

It is something we've considered! Keep an eye out for future updates!

I have used the octaver effect by connecting the guitar pickup-->zoom g3x-->TWA. 

While the basic sound effect is good, it really requires some drastic EQing of the "Wet" octave signal to make it sound as if the octave is coming from the wood vibration. currently, it sounds a little fake. (i could have done that EQing myself, but the zoom g3x does not allow me to EQ only the wet portion of the octave effect).

overall, i have used tons of other effects as well by using an external effects pedal like the zoom g3x. Filtered delays, trippy slicing effects etc. they all sound good, but they all need some EQing of the effect signal to sound good 

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