iDevice adapter for iPhone and iPad

Hey guys! New here! I was just wondering if anyone knew if I could record the tonewood amp guitar signal straight to my iPhone using the iDevice adapter for iPhone? Lossless... so I mean without using the in built microphone. Guitar to iPhone... And what would I need to do to record the guitar? I hope this makes sense

If  you’d like to record the effected signal from TWA directly, you’ll need  an interface for iOS like iRig that you can connect via output jack  from TWA. The signal from the insert jack is a low volume, clean signal. 

Is there anything special about the TWA iDevice adapter cable?  Or is it just a regular 1/8" mini stereo cable?

Our iDevice adapter will cut the signal from your iPhone or iPad's external mic while in use so you won't pick up ambient sounds in MIDI Guitar.

OK, but don't all generic stereo/mic 1/8" cables do that?  Otherwise, my headset mic and my phone mic would be live at the same time, and they're not - just the headset mic is live.

I guess the point is that one shouldn't use a simple stereo (non-mic) cable, or the phone's mic might be active.  ?

A headset mic cable will cut the signal as well, but not a standard 3.5mm stereo aux cable.

OK - thanks for the info!

You're welcome!

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