Looper pedal

I've just tried a Rowin Nano mini looper pedal with my Tonewood amp and Loar LH200SN guitar and was very disappointed with the volume the pedal produced.  Going to send it back.  Are there any suggestions as to which Looper pedal would be best suited to use??? 

I'd try to find a balance between the volume control on the looper and the Master Gain of your TWA to find a level that you can hear adequately. Try the Master Gain to suit the output level from the looper before you look into another looper! https://support.tonewoodamp.com/a/solutions/articles/17000016254

i also had similar volume issues with many external pedals when connected into the TWA. 

so far, i have had reasonable success using the looper in iphone garageband. my recorded loop also plays back thru the TWA , so my ac gtr has this spooky thing where its vibrating  even without me touching the strings. the recorded loop tends to get a bit muddy as the TWA is not supposed to vibrate the ac guitar back like a full range speaker, but yeah it gets lot of weird looks from other people in the room :) 

I've bought a Jim Dunlop MXR Micro Amp pedal to increase the gain going into the Rowin pedal.  I've been advised that this ought to increase the volume into the TWA.  If that doesn't work then try the MXR between the Rowin and the TWA to increase the output from the looper pedal itself.  Not tried it yet.

BTW I'd like to add my condolences to all the other musicians etc over Jim Dunlop's  passing away a couple of days ago.

BTW Nanda, did you ever solve your volume issues?

Start with the volume on the Micro Amp low and slowly boost so you don't overload TWA! 

I play Dunlop picks and keep an MXR Carbon Copy on my pedalboard. I'm absolutely bummed to learn of his passing as well. 

Cheers - was going to do this, but worth knowing to be careful 

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