Using Tonewood amp for Indian instruments

Can this be used on a Indian instrument ( you can google “Saraswathi Veenai”) ? Can this be installed on the front flat surface ? Appreciate your response

We'd certainly love to see if you were able to make it work. However, we don't recommend installing TWA on the top of an acoustic instrument. This would dampen the natural tone of your instrument and make TWA more prone to feedback. 

i have tried using the TWA on a friend's veena fitted with a magnetic pickup. it works in principle, but requires a lot of other things. currently there is no way to place it on the back of a veena as its curved bowl shape. i did try putting it on the top. while u do get reverb even thru the top, its simply not as impressive as a guitar. the primary reason for this is the lack of (Acoustic) volume on a veena. u can barely hear a veena in a quiet room. adding the TWA to it did not exactly give me enuf of a good sound to consider spending time on installing it to a veena ( there is no way to use a magnetic attachment, requires modifying the veena etc etc).

Thank you Nanda and Nicholas. Appreciate your responses

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