Plugging the output into the PA and performing

First, I love this thing.  With that, I have a few suggestions to those about to purchase the TWA.

1) If you are going to plug it into the PA, you are gonna need an elbow for the 1/4" jack. For my guitar (Babicz), the strap will push the output chord if you are using a straight end and dislodge the TWA.

     Also, if you plan to use this in a band, don't try it in the PA for the first time "at the gig" (rookie mistake, I should have know better).

2) If you want to plug into an iDevice, don't purchase the extra chord from TW just yet if you own an iPhone8 or above because there is nowhere to plug it in!

    ToneWood, do you have a firewire adapter coming soon?

3) If you stand up to perform and you move a lot, remove the other sticky shield from the back (it tells you not to) or you may find your TWA dangling as you finish your Elvis Presley windmill move.

4) Acoustic with a mic, and Acoustic-Electric plugged in will need two different settings.  The effects tend to be too hot in the PA if you have it set to the intimate Acoustic setting.

Thank you for your feedback and tips, Tom! 

Regarding the iDevice cable, you can use an Apple Lightning to 3.5mm adapter!

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