Volume / effects drop out after just a few minutes of play time...

I've had my TWA for a little over a month now and I absolutely LOVE it.  However, I was having a serious (and very annoying) problem recently where the volume / effect level dropped out to nothing in a matter of minutes of playing.  I have a '93 Taylor 815C (no Expression System but a lot of battle scars ;) ) and some recently purchased Eneloop Pro rechargeable AA's NiMH batteries for the TWA (since alkaline battery life is not particularly impressive and a bit costly).  The NiMH battery level was very good (newly charged) and I had the correct battery type chosen in "Global settings".  My global gain was set to 5% (any more than that and I got some funky sounding high-end strings).  I'd play for a couple of minutes, and everything sounded great, but then it slowly lowered in output until there was no effect at all.  Nothing.  I was not particularly happy and my intention was to come to this forum to see if anyone had a fix...

Well, it suddenly occurred to me that, one morning, I found I left the TWA on overnight while it was still attached to my guitar output.  I decided to change the 9v in my Taylor (even though it was brand new).  Sure enough, the problem went away.  Darn if I didn't drain my preamp battery because the guitar was plugged in overnight.  Duh.  Something to keep an eye on.  

Hey, Joe! So glad to learn that you're digging your TWA!

Thank you very much for the tip! I've certainly killed a couple 9 volts the same way before I learned my lesson and started unplugging the patch cable from the guitar after I'm done playing each time.

Just a heads up, the Taylors with ES have a phase switch that will allow you to boost the Master Gain without too much feedback.
On older Taylor instruments, you'll have to get into TWA's notch filters. Check out our Notch Filters page for instruction on how do dial out problematic frequencies and boost the Master Gain.

You can use a free tuner app that displays the frequency it's reading to help. Fine Tuner works for iOS and gStrings works for Android.

Hey Nicholas...

Aside from lowering the master gain (juicing it up does more harm than good, the notch filter works incredibly in order to isolate the frequency that causes feedback.  I have had to do some "experimenting" but I believe, I'm set up perfectly at this point.  Sounds great :) Very happy.


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