Saving Effect Settings

When I spend some time and get an effect (say, it's Delay) the way I want it, then I hit Save, and I save it to Guitar #1, Preset #1.

Does that action save the settings that I may have also devised during the same session, for Hall, or Chorus? Or does it just save the effect settings of the effect in play at the moment?

In other words, do I have to then go to Hall, dial up Save, Guitar #1, Preset #2, to save the Hall effect settings? EX: on my Bose amp, there is a Tone Generator, which is basically, effects and EQ setting for each of the several Channels. When I hit Save, and name it, it saves everything on each channel to that given name (Preset).

I note, also, that even with Speed or Feedback turned to zero, I still hear Delay, when the Screen shows Delay. Same with Hall or the other reverbs... there is a delay attached to them, as well.   What is that about?



Each preset corresponds to the effect you're currently on. If you set preset 1 on Hall and scroll to Delay, preset 1 corresponds only to Delay.

Does this happen when both Speed and Feedback are turned to zero? Is it just as loud as it was before or is it a quieter echo?

With Hall and Room, the predelay setting may sound like delay. If that's set to zero, the reverb will start as soon as the note is hit.

Thank you. I will experiment. The instructions for the TWA are very poorly organized and non-specific as far as actually setting it up for practical use, IMO.

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