New Midi Guitar App

Now that the new Midi Guitar App is available, it would be helpful if the video instructions were updated so that we could see the proper settings etc. as they actually appear when you open the app.  Similarly, the use of that App with Sampletank and some more detailed instructions would be really helpful for us midi newbies.

We'll work on getting the instructions updated!

Yes please. The interface for midi guitar 2 is entirely different from what’s shown in the instructional YouTube video so it’s difficult to figure out. Would love an updated video as soon as possible

Will do. The one thing I found when I updated my MIDI Guitar was that selecting SampleTank as the output was in a different space.

To select SampleTank as your output, look under the MIDI Machines Section of MIDI Guitar and select a blank slot. Change it to MIDI Output. Once you have, click 'Disabled' and  select either Virtual MIDI or SampleTank.


I have just looked on the app store and searching there is no Midi Guitar?  going to the jamorigin website and clicking the download link takes you back to the app store with the Midi Guitar 2 page, but the 'get' option is greyed out.  I take it it is not available at the moment? thanks

David, it may be because you're not running iOS12. I did reply to your other topic but Guiboard is a working alternative that works with iOS 9 and up.

Hi many thanks for the reply, apologies for slow response, I only get occasional chance to check.  I have had android devices and am new to ios, using ipod touch, (have to say I loathe everything about the Ipod interface and responsiveness), anyway I upgraded the ios to 12 and managed to get midi guitar 2 and sampletank, I can see the signal is getting through to midi guitar etc but not getting sound out my guitar, the one thing I can't find form tonewood directions is where they say 'launch the MIDI Guitar app, touch the field to the right of MIDI OUTPUT ROUTE and select VIRTUAL MIDI OUTPUT or SAMPLETANK FULL (or FREE)' .  I can't see a Midi Output Route option anywhere? any ideas? thanks

Hi Nicholas sorry just noticed your comment above re selecting output from the Midi Machines section of Mid guitar, I can't seem to locate that option anywhere on the interface :(  I'm sure I am missing something really obvious.

I've circled the section that you'll want to select.

That's great thanks David and sorry for being so slow.  I now have that field set to Sampletank, I can see the graphic equalizer response in midi guitar when i play connected but getting no tones from sampletank, however if i get on a record screen on sampletank i do hear the backing beat coming out of the guitar but only very faintly, still missing something.

Make sure you turn the volume all the way up on your iPhone or iPad, does this help? Reach out to us at and we can help get ya dialed in.

The whole MIDI use with TWA is what pushed me off the fence to purchase TWA.  I have reverbs and chorus available with my Play Acoustic peddle and  Fishman LoudBOX mini, but the idea of adding the midi sound through the TWA was the Nudge that pushed my purchase.  When I was trying to get them to work with the "Tryout" versions, I popped for the in app purchase version$$.  So far I'm not happy with the Whole MIDI with TWA BS.  Of course I realize that tech issues with Midi Guitar and/or Sample tank are not your arena, however you do promote the feature.   Particularly, the video instructions that TWA provides, seconding the others comments of not updating with current MIDI screens and instructions. That would be a helpful and crucial improvement for those of us non-software geeks.

I do enjoy the TWA, and I'm reserving judgement in public reviews, to the give all the players time to work it out.  In my opinion the future of TWA business success could be in play, so get it together guys.  

I certainly understand your frustration. New instructional materials on our end will be ready soon. We're on it.

THX I'm looking forward. 8-})

It looks like my post started this thread.  I could be negative and note that we're all still waiting for what I requested back then;  but, on the bright side, I can actually say that with some experimentation and time, it's not that hard to figure out.  Much more challenging, but also usable with experimentation, is the Sampletank IOS app.  It would be interesting to hear from TWA users what settings for the various instruments they have found work best.  

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