New Midi Guitar App

Now that the new Midi Guitar App is available, it would be helpful if the video instructions were updated so that we could see the proper settings etc. as they actually appear when you open the app.  Similarly, the use of that App with Sampletank and some more detailed instructions would be really helpful for us midi newbies.

Hey Bill, we do have the new instructional videos in the process!

I finally managed to find some time to have a go at setting up SampleTank and MIDI Guitar 2 on my iPad Mini 4.   It all went reasonably straight forward, until I kept loosing the MIDI Output from the iPad.  I traced this to the fact I have installed a free version of both apps on to my iPad, and the MIDI Guitar 2 Upgrade/purchase reminder kept coming up.  The app would then lose the MIDI Output.  So, looks like this app has to be purchased IF you want to make use of the MIDI Output - bit of a naff thing. Why not just make the damn thing a straight purchase to start with?

Hey Richard think of like a free sample of some tasty morsel at Costco, if you like you might the product. Hopefully, this will be resolved, but until them I'm Loving the TWA. 8-})  

Yes, I would agree IF the reminder didn't come up every minute or so!  It hardly gives you time to evaluate it.

I went ahead and bought the app(s) of one of them and "Free Sample" of the other, I don't remember which one I purchased, but having some trouble with the process, I decided to wait on the second purchase until the good guys at TWA had finished their Video TUT to complete the process and actually get it working like it is described and demo-ed in the earlier video.  Hint Hint ...8-})

As far as I know, it's been shot and is being edited and prepared!

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