The Difference Between the Effects Volume and Effects Gain

What is the difference between an effects Volume and it's Gain? I'm not referring to the Global Gain. I'm referring to the Volume and Gain options when you click and hold the amplitude knob. My assumption is the Gain adjusts only the volume/balance of the effect relative to the dry signal and the Volume adjusts the level of the total mix of the dry/effect signal. Is this true?

Correct! Gain adjusts the input level from your pickup, volume adjusts the output from TWA

So, is the output that the Volume adjusts a 100% wet signal with the guitar's natural sound making up the dry part? Or, is the Volume a mix of dry pickup/effects with the percentage of wet to dry being adjusted by the Effect's Gain?

It sounds like the Effect's Gain only adjusts the input to the effect from the pickup, not any mix, and the output is a 100% wet output of the effect and the balance/percrentage of wet to dry is adjusted by turning the Effect's Volume up or down, relative to your guitar's natural sound, i.e. the dry part of the sound. Does this make sense?

You can set DI Blend if you're running a cable out of the output jack. This is a mix between the TWA's effects and the dry signal from the pickup.

If you're running TWA without a cable from the output jack, the volume and gain using the amplitude knob will only affect a 100% wet output. To control that mix, you'd dial back the volume on TWA if you want more of your guitar's tone.

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