Is powered on noise normal?

Hi all,

I have a general question for any TWA owners.  Is it normal to hear the TWA by just powering it on?  With it unplugged, or unattached even, I hear a slight electrical hum just powering on the device and was curious if this just normal operation.


In a very quiet environment, you may hear a slight background hum if you put TWA close to your ear. Do you hear it through your guitar when attached?

It's a definite pitch coming from the TWA device itself. It's around a B flat several octaves above middle C.  With the TWA attached, I can hear it in the sound hole as well, but only if i put my ear directly in front of the sound hole.

I'm really just to verify that this is normal.  The nature of such a device just might be noisier than what I expected.



Please send a video over to so I can check out what you're experiencing! It does sound like it's louder than normal.

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