Issues with Tonewood

I'll be honest I love the Tonewood amp but mine seems to eat through AA batteries like nothing and constantly shuts off in the middle of playing, I've messed with all the settings and the master gain in global settings and still can't get it to stop having feedback which I'm assuming is the root cause of it shutting off everytime. (*note: it just recently started doing this, was not all the time.) I would like to see if I can return or potentially have mine fixed, I would like to use it more I just can't with it shutting off and draining batteries. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.

What kind of batteries are you using? What is the battery voltage?

And what kind of pickup are you using with TWA?

Feel free to email at

They're 1.5 volt alkaline batteries. I have the battery settings set to alkaline. Also like I said it didn't do this when I first got it, even when I just finger pick it causes feedback and shuts off.

Shoot us an email at and we can do some troubleshooting to see what the cause is. Please provide the name or email address used for your original TWA order.

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