New ipod touch 7th Gen, no Midi 2 on appstore? alternatives?


Firstly; I am not great with tech so appreciate any advice.  I bought the Tonewood to use with Sampletank and Midi 2, I intended to use a a new Ipod Touch (as others have reported this working well) which is 7th gen and has Version 11.4.1.  (I notice the Midi 2 website says it now requires IOS 12 however?). 

However I cannot find Midi 2 on the app store, from other comments it looks like it has been pulled currently.  Is there not access to an older version which would work?  Is there any other app which would perform the same role?  I don't think I would have any use for sampletank without an app that can create the string accompaniment.

Many thanks


The new version of MIDI Guitar is on the App store, but it does require iOS12. Guiboard is a working alternative!

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